The truth about Costco coming to Indian Land

Ok neighbors, here are the facts about Costco Wholesale coming to Indian Land. Costco’s arrival has been a myth for quite a while now. It has been part of what we call, “The Big Three.” At least twice a year a post will pop up on social media with hearsay that either Costco, Target, or Trader Joe’s are coming to the area. We finally have news on Costco.

According to documents submitted to Lancaster County from developer Crosland Southeast, Costco IS looking to come to Indian Land. However, the project is not approved yet and is still at the very beginning stages.

Costco Indian Land Update TIA

What has been submitted to Lancaster County is a TIA (Traffic Impact Analysis). It is the first step that shows that Costco does in fact want to come to our area. A representative from the county shared that after a TIA is reviewed, they will then have a sketch plan review, followed by a civil plan submission. This can take many months due to the amount of detail and approval requirements needed from multiple departments.

The piece of land they submitted the TIA for is located off Charlotte Hwy 521 just south of Possum Hollow Road. The land was initially slated to be The Indian Land Technology Park and will be next to the mixed-use site called The Exchange Indian Land. The land is already zoned commercial.

Possible site of Costco
Courtesy of The Providence Group

If approved, the building wouldn’t start until 2025. It also shows that the wholesale club would be 151,000 square feet and include a 24-pump gas station. Here is a preliminary sketch they submitted in 2022.

Possible layout of Costco site.

We reached out to Costco and they responded by saying, “Unfortunately, it is our company policy to not comment regarding future Costco warehouses until we are ready to share details about the new location (usually 2-3 months in advance).”

The nearest Costco Wholesale is in Matthews. The next nearest discount club is BJ’s Warehouse in Pineville. Both are a bit of a haul from Indian Land and both come with North Carolina taxes. Untap Indian Land will keep you updated on the progress.