Meet Immigrant Culture, a new roast-to-order artisan coffee company in Indian Land

Immigrant Culture coffee
Photos courtesy of Immigrant Culture
Immigrant Culture coffee

Immigrant Culture is a new small-batch, roast-to-order coffee company based in Indian Land. While you won’t find a brick-and-mortar just yet, their artisan coffee is available for purchase online and even offers free pickup.

Owner Maurizio Frattini is a former sommelier who decided to apply all his knowledge of wine to coffee. Being of Colombian descent and growing up in Miami, Frattini has a love of traditional Latin American coffee which is more full-bodied. After looking locally and beyond, Frattini wasn’t able to find what he was looking for. Swept up in his new passion, Frattini began a quest to search for the perfect cup of coffee.

“I went to Columbia first to get an idea of what roasting was like,” says Frattini. “I was there for a few months and took courses and even roasted coffee at a Columbian coffee lab where I learned a lot.”

By late 2021, Frattini had made the decision to open his own coffee company. He purchased a commercial roaster and began to test samples sent to him from coffee distributors and began evaluating their roast profiles. After still not finding what he was looking for, Frattini’s wife suggested they go back to Columbia and visit directly with the farms.

In early 2022 Frattini went to Bucaramanga, Columbia to visit 20 different farms. There he got to know the pickers, how the coffee was processed, how clean their process was, and how they treated their employees. After much research, Frattini chose four farms to work with to create Immigrant Culture.

Immigrant Culture coffee
Photo courtesy of Ryan Allen

By the summer of 2022, Immigrant Culture was officially in business. Each coffee you purchase is single origin, meaning that everything that is in the bag you are purchasing is from that farm. Immigrant Culture is a specialty coffee which means they have the first pick from the harvest which is hand-selected by the farmers.

“My goal is for people to enjoy a really good quality coffee at a fair price for all involved, to educate people on how to make better coffee at home, and to eventually have a store,” Frattini says.

What’s in the name?

“All coffee in the world comes from Ethiopia,” explains Frattini. “From Ethiopia, coffee migrated to Yemen where it was then distributed to the whole world by the Dutch. Each place it went, it picked up a whole new way of brewing. Coffee has migrated from all over the world and is itself a world immigrant.”

Hence the name, Immigrant Culture.

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