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Visually Speaking course

Ever wanted to learn sign language? Erik Kiefer with Visually Speaking brings his course to Indian Land.

People should learn Sign Language because it’s an amazing, engaging language that has a rich, deep history & culture,” shared Kiefer. “Because this is a visual language with many different aspects, it’s a fun and interactive learning experience for individuals of any age.”

Keifer learned how to sign at a young age because both his grandmother and aunt were Deaf. “For years I was able to observe many exchanges between deaf individuals, and it was immediately apparent that there are many misconceptions that hearing individuals have about the language and culture,” said Kiefer.

This triggered his interest in teaching others. Kiefer developed his course alongside individuals from the deaf community with the goal of not just creating another sign language class.

“Because of the unique curriculum that several people in the Deaf community and I developed, this is not a hard language to learn,” said Kiefer. “My main goal was to create an individualized course that would align with anyone’s learning preferences and play to their strengths.”

Visually Speaking course

Classes are for all ages and take place in Indian Land on Saturdays from 10-11 a.m. and again from 1-2 p.m. The course includes sign and Deaf culture education, tools, resources, and all course materials.


  • $500 for two individuals to take the 20-lesson course together ($250 each)
  • Prices vary for larger groups of 4 or more people. Discounted group rates are offered.
  • They also offer the option to take advantage of a payment plan: Their 50-50 payment plan is our most popular choice – Students can pay 50% of the total cost at the start of the course, then they can pay the remainder when they are financially able.

Visually Speaking

Sign up: visuallyspeakingasl@gmail.com

Visually Speaking course