Lancaster County taking applications for Civics 101 program

Lancaster County is offering a new educational initiative to inform residents about the various departments and functions of Lancaster County government. The Lancaster County Civics 101 Course will begin on August 13, 2024. This citizens academy provides an engaging and interactive program that spans 10 weeks, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of local government processes. 

The course is designed to: 

• Educate Citizens: Residents will learn about the roles and responsibilities of different county departments and how they contribute to making Lancaster County a great place to live, learn, work, worship, play, and grow – both personally and professionally. 

• Provide Hands-on Experience: Through informative sessions hosted by County  Administration, County Council, and Department Directors, participants will gain firsthand experience of the inner workings of the county government. 

• Engage Community Members: The program aims to foster a sense of civic engagement and responsibility among Lancaster County citizens by involving them directly in the governance process. 

“The Civics 101 program is a great opportunity to learn of the comprehensive services provided in Lancaster County and how taxpayer dollars are spent,” stated Dennis Marstall, County  Administrator. “Participants will get a hands-on experience in Lancaster County’s government  operations, and complete the program better informed about the many services provided by  Lancaster County.”

To be selected, applicants must live in Lancaster County and be willing to commit time to the 10-week civics program. Participants will be selected based on backgrounds and full representation of Lancaster County. The program is designed for 25 participants. 

If interested in applying, please complete and submit the online application, found here, no later than July 24, 2024. Applicants will be notified by August  2, 2024, of their application status. 

Lancaster County Civics 101 will conclude on October 15, 2024, with graduation and dinner with the County Council. There is no cost to Lancaster County citizens who attend the sessions. For more information contact






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